To develop mutual assistance and higher degree of community relationship by promoting savings among its members and making loans available at a reasonable rate.


A leading savings and loan association providing professional, responsive and accessible service to its members.


F   Fairness

To treat all persons in just and equitable manner irrespective of their position, rank, age, status, religious affiliations and race

A   Acceptance

To accept responsibility in decisions consistent with the welfare of the clients

B   Building a Clear Framework

To build a clear framework of objectives and policies within which management must operate

S   Support

To support and encourage colleagues and co-workers in their professional development and in following the Code of Ethics

L   Loyalty

To serve loyally, without self-interest and free from conflicts with other commitments including advocacy or interest groups and memberships on other Board or staff

A   Aiming for Excellence

To aim for excellence by continuously seeking ways and means to give superior services to our clients

I   Information

To keep our clients well-informed of the latest developments in the organization so that they can actively participate in giving feedbacks that can serve as inputs for future plans and programs