Regular Members

PAF Officers, enlisted personnel and Civilian employees assigned in Fernando Air Base. (With Voting Power)

Honorary Members

PAF Officers, enlisted personnel, civilian employees assigned in other units of PAF and retired PAF personnel. Likewise, PAF pensioners who became members after their active service. (Without Voting Power)

Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements

  • 1 pc. 2X2 picture
  • 2 valid IDs (Military ID & any Gov't issued ID)
  • Order of assignment (for PAF active)
  • Retirement order (for PAF retired)

Loan Requirements

PAF Active Personnel and PAF Civilian Employees

  • 2 valid IDs (Military ID & any Gov't issued ID)
  • Provost / IG Clearance
  • Reenlisment Order (EP) / Appointment Order (Officer)
  • Willingness to Reenlist
  • Certificate of No Request for Retirement (for 18 yrs. and above in service)
  • Certificate of Singleness (if single)
  • Spouse Consent and Photocopy of ID with speciment signature (if married)

PAF Retired

  • 2 valid IDs
  • Retirement Order

Legal Beneficiary

  • 2 valid IDs (Pensioner's ID and any gov't issued ID)
  • Retirement Order / Posthumous Order
  • Declaration of Legal Beneficiary
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate